The Related Group, U-Calli, Inmobilia, Maat Handasa and Piero Lissoni came together creating the most awaited condominium in Cancun. The project will take the owners to another world, full of luxury and greatness! SLS Cancun is breath-taking and it can be yours!

Amazing Cancun condo project brings fresh air in Miami, Florida.


One project, one chance! SLS Cancun is an one and only luxury style condominium, fully impressive, initiated with 120 condos and 67 hotel rooms, each one of them housed in a gated community.
” The potential in Mexico is tremendous” Jorge Perez, chairman of the Related Group said in a statement. ” Continued trade with its northern neighbours and record-breaking tourism had led to robust growth in the Mexican economy which has in turn empowered the middle class and made it a more desirable destination for American buyers. Mexico is a country on the cusp of a major boom and Related will be ready when it begins.”
The Italian architect, well-known Piero Lissoni will design this wonderful project, his work will amaze everyone. The condominium will be developed in phases and completed in 2020.
Carlos Rosso, head of Related’s condo division said about Cancun’s newest project ” In Cancun, these units are $350 per square foot. In the U.S., for properties on the sand, the price would be 10 times that much, plus you have a golf course, marina and private beach, and all the amenities of a hotel.”
The business went slow because of the gruelling election season and a very strong dollar, that’s why Related Group have delayed, suspended or canceled incoming projects in absence of foreign buyers. The sales in Miami for condos fell 30% each year in October.